Why To Invest In New Food Packaging After The Pandemic

Why To Invest In New Food Packaging During And After The Pandemic

Why Invest In New Food Packaging After The Pandemic?

This year has been significantly different to previous years, and how we live our lives have temporarily changed in many ways, additionally to permanently in some other ways. The reasoning for this is the COVID-19 pandemic, which is the worse public health crisis that the world has seen in modern-day. Due to the COVID-19, countries across the globe have been forced into lockdowns, which meant people could only leave their homes for essential reasons or not at all in many countries. This also meant that most businesses had to close or stop their services temporarily. 

Now in August in the UK, almost all businesses have been opened and we are practically out of our lockdown. If a business can safely operate their services with low risk of COVID-19 transmission, then they have been given permission to open. Although many businesses may have been at a significant loss, the forced closures are a fantastic opportunity for businesses to make changes to increase customers for reopening. An example of this is restaurants or takeaway restaurants. With reopening, restaurants or takeaways can change their menu, renovate their properties to stand out on the high street and more. 

For takeaway restaurants, an efficient way of attracting new customers or impressing existing customers is new packaging. With aesthetically superior food packaging and great tasting food, customers will remember your restaurant and return. There are many other reasons to invest in new packaging looking past the pandemic. In this blog, we look at the many reasons why businesses should invest in new food packaging following the pandemic. 

Your Business Is New


If your business had only just opened before the pandemic, it may have not had the time to take off properly, meaning it may have gone unnoticed for the great food that was being distributed. One reason people may have not entered your food takeaway business is that the packaging wasn’t recognised in public. With unbranded packaging and good looking food, people will not the source of the food, which is making your business lose out on potential customers. If the packaging your business is using is branded, it will attract more people to purchase food from your store. Think of it this way, branded packaging is a much cheaper way of advertising, especially if your food is being consumed on the high street or busier areas. 

Your Restaurant Is Now Offering Takeaway

Understandably, people will be fearful of the virus, and some may stay cautious and choose to remain indoors even after establishments have been deemed safe to open. For this reason, food businesses and restaurants especially may be at a loss even after reopening. Due to this, a common solution for many businesses has been to start offering takeaway or potential delivery. This way, people can enjoy restaurant cooked food in the comfort of their home, being safe from the COVID-19 virus. One of the first steps of starting to offer takeaway food is to invest in takeaway packaging, such as boxes and bags to carry the food. 

If you’re looking for a cheaper option or your brand is already well known, then an easy option is to invest in unbranded takeaway packaging. It is also important to ensure whatever packaging you choose to make an investment in is high-quality. As previously mentioned, branded packaging is virtually advertising for your business. If you’re looking to grow your restaurant for eating-in and takeaway, then making an investment in branded packaging is certainly worth it. People will always have an interest in good looking, tasting, and smelling food, so with this alongside branded packaging, it will attract people to visit your restaurant.

Social Media


A common trend across many different social media platforms is people taking pictures of their food before eating it. This applies to both takeaway and restaurant food. Did you know this is potentially a way of acquiring new customers with free marketing? If your food looks good, and your packaging is seen in the pictures posted on social media, it may then encourage new customers to visit your takeaway restaurant. Personalised packaging that has good aesthetics will also encourage customers to take pictures to post to social media. Good, personalised packing is an incredible way of encouraging people to go to your store. Aesthetics are key to giving a good impression of your business. With more people online following the pandemic to, it is likely that far more people will be using social media

Promote Brand Messages

Personalised food packaging can be efficiently designed in any way that you choose, and messages regarding your brand or any other important issues can be added. When there is prominent text written on the packaging, it is likely that the person handling the packaging will read it. Messages such as the quality of your food can be added, which can reassure customers about what they are eating. 


Messages about hygiene is always a fantastic way of encouraging customers to eat your businesses takeaway food, especially in the times we are currently living. If the messages encourage your customers of the safety and hygiene of your food in regards to COVID-19, it may make them want to come back another day for food or have a positive opinion of your business in regards to the hygiene in your property, or with how the food is cooked and prepared. 

Food Packaging UK

Wyatt and Ackerman offers an incredible and extensive range of personalised food packaging in the UK for your catering business, which includes branded takeaway food packaging, takeaway boxes and fish and chip boxes in addition to branded packaging and carrier bags for almost all other retail sectors, such as grocery shopping, clothes retail and much more. If you are looking to reinvent the image of your brand and dominate your competition after the COVID-19 pandemic, choose Wyatt and Ackerman for all personalised sustainable food packaging. Our expert team will carefully listen to your business requirements and goals after the pandemic, and then find the ideal solution for you. 



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