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High-Quality Food Packaging Perfect For Your Takeaway Business

Wyatt & Ackerman offer a high quality range of eco-friendly food packaging products at affordable prices for all types of takeaway and catering business across the UK. We specialise in supplying packaging that looks good, is excellent quality, and matches your brand without breaking your budget. Providing a complete food packaging service, we offer takeaway bags, food packaging boxes, catering disposables and personalised food packaging that will be sure to reflect your takeaway business in the best image for your customers.

When you choose Wyatt & Ackerman as your food packaging suppliers, you can rely on us to have the perfect food packaging product to meet your specific business needs. To enquire about our food packaging boxes, get in touch to discuss your size and quantity requirements and receive a free no obligation quote.

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Things To Consider When Choosing Your Food Packaging Product

When it comes to food packaging there are a lot of things you have to take into consideration; 

  • The hygiene requirements
  • How the packaging will be disposed of
  • Sustainability
  • The design of the packaging
  •  What type of food the packaging will be used for

We aim to ensure that there is something to suit everyone’s needs, regardless of what type of food your business produces or how large your business is. To do this we stock an extensive range of quality food packaging solutions and will tailor the food packaging to meet your very own requirements. If you would like to discuss your packaging requirements, give us a call or fill out a contact form today.

Food Packing For All Purposes

Whether you’re looking for packaging to meet your storage needs, delivery, transport or even takeaway needs, we are certain to have something that will suit your specific requirements; and of course, with our bespoke design solutions these can be simple, basic food packaging solutions, or they could be completely custom solutions, branded for your business. We are an experienced company with a long history in the food packaging market and we are more than happy to offer you the benefits of that experience. View our food packaging products below

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Environmentally Friendly Food Packaging

We have a great selection of quality material choices including leakproof paper cartons and fish and chip boxes. These are ideal for takeaway foods and sandwiches as they provide a durable and environmentally friendly solution. Of course, we also offer polystyrene solutions, for foods that are too hot or liquid-based to be held in paper, and plastic containers for microwaving, re-using and durability. 

Feel free to contact us regarding our environmentally friendly food packaging materials or to find out which packing material is best for the type of food that your company provides. Our expert team have been working in the industry for multiple years and have worked with a multitude of different food-providing companies. To ensure maximum customer experience, we recommend consulting with our team regarding which type of packaging is best for you before making a purchase with us. All of the advice that we provide is free for the purpose of your company making the most of our packaging. For advice, call us or leave a message for us through our contact us system on our website.

Food Packaging Boxes Wholesale And Delivered Across The UK

We offer our premium quality food packaging boxes and all other food packaging types at wholesale, ensuring you get the best value for your money when looking for those larger quantities for your takeaway business. We are confident that our competitive wholesale pricing will beat any other competitors, and what you receive from Wyatt & Ackerman is high-quality food packaging products that will be sure to present a positive image of your business.

To enquire about our food packaging boxes wholesale pricing amongst our other food packaging products, contact our team today and receive a free quotation.

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The Importance of Branding your Food Packaging

Food packaging is the silent salesman of the food world; it’s not only essential for protecting and packing the product but also for presenting a brand’s story and image to the consumer. Branded and customised packaging, with a logo and signature colours, instantly elevates a brand’s professional image, signaling quality and attention to detail. 

It’s a critical differentiator, especially among local competitors, where the battle for customer loyalty is fierce. By opting for personalised packaging, businesses effectively turn each product into a walking advertisement, every item carried out the door is a visual shout-out to potential new customers. Investing in custom food packaging is not all about aesthetics but it’s also a strategic move towards increasing brand and market presence.

Expert Advice

For advice or to make an order, please contact us. View our ranges below and get in touch today. When you choose Wyatt and Ackerman, you’ll quickly become aware of why 95% of our business is from repeat orders and recommendations. We deliver nothing but excellence in food packaging and our standard of customer service is unmatchable. If you are interested in our food packaging products or any of the other products that we offer, feel free to get in touch so the necessary arrangements can be made. Our team are happy to listen to your requirements and expectations, whilst proving you with expert advice regarding what we can offer. Get in touch with us today.

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