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Advice For Pub Landlords During COVID-19

In 2020, the hospitality industry has seen a huge blow and caused thousands of businesses across the UK to be at a major loss. This is due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, which forced businesses in the hospitality industry, including pubs, to close their doors from late March to early July this year in most areas of the United Kingdom.

Although most businesses in hospitality have been allowed to open their venues since July this year, operations have been significantly alternate to what they were before they were allowed to close. In different venues, a host of different procedures have been implemented to allow customers to be safe whilst using the facility. This includes only taking contactless payment, ensuring tables are at least two metres apart, only allowing parties of six, only offering table service, placing markers on the floor to help with social distancing, and more. 

Focusing specifically on pubs, some have found adapting to COVID-19 restrictions and safety measures has been a challenge. Some pubs may not have the space to allow social distancing by distancing tables, some may have low staff and more, which can make reopening difficult and may lead to people not visiting the pubs that they may have visited frequently before closing in March. 

Visiting pubs in the UK is a common tradition, and to make people feel more comfortable being out and partaking in normal activities during the pandemic, adjustments have to be made to cater for everybody. COVID-19 and its spread are very unpredictable, so its highly likely that more restrictions may be placed in the future. As of the 23rd of July, the latest restrictions include closing at 10 pm and only offering table service, meaning all pubs will have to abide by these rules.

Will Pubs Close Again?


As previously mentioned, COVID-19 is an unpredictable virus, and a second lockdown has not been ruled out by the government. A second lockdown would almost certainly mean that pubs and other locations in the hospitality industry would have to close their doors once again. This would only occur though if COVID-19 cases and hospital admission rapidly increased, therefore, the only way to prevent a second lockdown is to follow government guidelines that are put into place, including washing hands, social distancing, and staying aware.

Each person must play their part in preventing a second lockdown, including owners of pubs. Social distancing measures must be enforced in all pubs to ensure a large spike of new cases doesn’t occur, which could easily cause a second lockdown. Many pubs across the UK suffered a huge financial loss due to closures for almost a third of this year, so it is key that measures are put in place to prevent this from reoccurring. People in pubs do tend to drink alcohol, meaning they may get drunk and begin to break measures, and it is of vital importance that pub staff ensure that restrictions are not broken by enforcing all possible measures.

What Can Pubs Do If They Are Forced To Close?


If the United Kingdom was forced to lockdown, restrictions would likely be slightly different to the first lockdown due to the suffering of the economy, however, as pubs are non-essential, it is likely that they will also be forced to close. Even if pubs are forced to close, there are ways that pubs can still profit even if they are closed. This is simply by expanding their services into offering services that are permitted. Certain businesses such as supermarkets will always have to stay open, even in a lockdown, to allow people to purchase essential to survive.

During the last lockdown, takeaway food businesses were allowed to operate, providing only food and drinks that can be delivered or taken away from the store. As this was seen as essential as people may not be able to cook in certain circumstances. After a few months of lockdown, many pubs also followed suit and started to provide takeaway food and drinks, not allowing people to enter the premises. If pubs are forced to close again and you do not wish to be at a loss again, why not consider providing takeaway food and drinks from your pub?

Providing takeaway options is also a fantastic solution, even if we are not in lockdown. Many people still remain fearful of the virus and would rather stay away from pubs to avoid contracting it. Offering takeaway options allows people to enjoy the luxuries of pubs in their own space where they feel safe and at less risk. To increase revenue even if your pub is remaining open and we are not in a second lockdown, then it is definitely worth considering offering takeaway options to all customers during opening hours. This may also cause a wave of new customers.

How To Begin Offering Takeaway Options

Starting to offer takeaway options is a relatively easy process. All that is required is packaging for the food that is being cooked and a process to allow the food to be delivered or collected. Packaging can be ordered and personalised, which can help with marketing your pub. The most common types of packaging that you’ll require is food packaging, plastic or wooden cutlery, bags, and plastic cups if you choose to do takeaway drinks. One thing that people missed during the last lockdown was draught beers, so still being able to offer them takeaway during a lockdown or at any time during a pandemic will easily help you to stand out on the market. 

Food Packaging UK

If you’re looking to start offering takeaway products from your pub, as mentioned, you’re going to need a selection of packaging. Wyatt and Ackerman can provide all of the food packaging and drinking cups that you need to offer an efficient takeaway service. If your pub also supplies fish and chip boxes, we are also able to offer personalised fish and chip boxes to brand your pub. For more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team!



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