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When you are branding your organisation, style is everything when it comes down to the packaging that you use. Branding in the form of printed packaging has been used by businesses for years. It increases brand name awareness whenever people are purchasing your products or services. Most businesses are utilising brand-name packaging, as it really is an easy way to get your business out there. It’s a medium that most businesses are already using, so why not make the most of it! Updating your brand’s food packaging is now a necessity in modern day business.

When you have a good product or service but it’s provided to your customers in poor quality & half thought of packaging, it won’t provide your clients with the perfect experience they should be experiencing with your product packaging. Generic packaging is precisely that, generic. Aim to be different from the rest by buying brand food product packaging from Wyatt & Ackerman. If you are looking for Food Packaging in the UK then read our article on how you can source the best packaging for your company today.


Professional Food Packaging In The UK

If you are trying to find some inspiration for your product presentation as well as branded packaging then W&A is able to provide a bespoke service to assist your journey to finding truly custom packaging. We aim to deliver the very best in premium branded packaging. We strive to offer a product and service that is second to none. If you are looking to stand out from your competition then let Wyatt & Ackerman help you shine.

Why is professional food packaging important for a business?

Packaging can play a very important part in the success of a restaurant/food establishment. The actual use of packaging has exceeded its previous purpose of just keeping your food safe. Packaging is used as a means to advertise a company further by increasing the amount of brand recognition a company can receive, by making use of “visual real estate” that otherwise wouldn’t have been capitalised on. This is something that is prevalent in every huge food chain as everything is branded with the salt packets they give out to the straws.

When you believe in the product you are making & you know that your customers want it, what better way of staying true to your product by providing your customers high-quality packaging that reminds them of your fantastic business? This is why branded packaging is a hit with all businesses since it’s an easy thing most can employ quickly. All you need to do is inquire with a provider like Wyatt & Ackerman who have been serving the UK for years! We’ve been helping businesses, providing them with quality branded food packaging so they can better refine their branding!

The advancements providers like Wyatt & Ackerman have achieved throughout the past few years is amazing, with highly efficient machines being able to create packaging incredibly quickly, meaning you aren’t waiting weeks for your custom packaging! If you are a fast paced business who wish to deal with such companies for your food packaging then we are a supplier who can suit you! This also reduces costs to the client since bulk packaging can be made at a very fast rate!

How should I design my food packaging?

There are a few things you should consider when it comes to food branding. The colours, shape and size used all need to be ideal for your use otherwise you are using packaging that isn’t tailored to your company. You should be taking elements of your overall brand identity and house style so that the packaging is relatable to your overall brand. Your logo should also be branded onto the box as well as any motto’s your business may have. We provide a fully personalised food packaging service to help promote your brand image effortlessly with every serving.

Any restaurant that wants to promote their food through packaging has to develop a brand identity. This style has to be effective in attracting the customer’s attention. This is why it is so important to have eye-catching packaging that’ll stick in your customer’s minds. This creates brand styling that people are able to recognise your brand by. Packaging isn’t going to sell your food for you but it is going to further connote the image of your brand, which further improves brand recognition which is very important in a sector which is very competitive, regardless of what area you are working in.

The push for a cleaner environment

With developments in new plastics in the past 20 years, it’s become apparent that the uses of plastics in packaging, in general, are prolific. The notion of going “plastic free” is almost impossible for the everyday consumer, with most products using some form of plastic packaging. This is supported by studies that show how wasteful we really are, with European studies showing that the average person produces 163kg a year. Paper & cardboard is usually the most common material used, with plastic & metal being the second. Paper & cardboard can be recycled easily, being taken down and re-purposed in many different ways.

There is hope on the horizon, however, as we see a rising trend of environment-focused initiatives being started. Even the introduction of the plastic bag charge was a step forward in our efforts to reduce our plastic use. In the first year alone, the UK was using six billion less plastic bags a year. There are even companies like Waitrose that have started to opt out of plastic, promising that their own brand products will be plastic free by 2025.

“The impact of packaging on the environment is something we all care about. At Waitrose cutting down on our use of plastic has been a focus for us and we’ve reduced our packaging by nearly 50 percent since 2009. In July we announced a commitment that will make a major impact on the use of plastic in our packaging. By 2025 all our own-label packaging will be widely recyclable (using the widely recycled logo), reusable, or home compostable.” – – Click here to read more

Gaining momentum

There are even more businesses stepping up to reduce the waste consumers produce, with Iceland promising their packaging will be plastic free by 2023. Even the world’s largest food chain, McDonald’s is tackling the issue of unnecessary packaging. They pledge that they’ll have 36,000 locations with recycling by 2025. They also promise that their packaging will all come from renewable, recycled & certified sources.

The key to reducing the unnecessary plastic we use as well as our consumers is by choosing our materials carefully. Rather than opting for the cheapest option around, you should think about the needs & requirements of your packaging whilst also considering the environment. Balancing so many factors can be difficult however a brief analysis of your packaging needs should tell you what you need in terms of packaging. Factors like the properties of the packaging, the type of food to be that need to be protected, as well as the intended market for the product should help you to inform yourself on what type of packaging you need.

Bio-degradable packaging is the latest trends with a lot of restaurants/food establishments adopting the packaging as it says a lot about a companies ethical conscience. Most bio-degradable plastics are compostable, meaning that they’ll break down much easier than other types of plastics/polymers. Bio-degradable packaging has to meet strict criteria in order to be certified as compostable in the UK.

Keeping it green!

With plastic packaging in the limelight at the moment, it’s a good idea to start thinking about better ways of incorporating packaging into your business. If you’re someone who wants to keep their carbon footprint low whilst conveying a sense of ethicality through their business, bio-packaging is a great way of doing so. Reducing the number of plastics your business using makes a conscious effort to reduce your effect on the environment. It’s also noticed & well received when it comes to your customers since they will note the effort put into choosing a greener alternative for packaging.

Packaging is a huge topic at the moment, with more and more stories coming out about big conglomerates being forced to change the way they operate in terms of their packaging! With recent packaging protests in the UK and numerous petitions asking for supermarkets to reduce their plastic use, it seems society at least in the UK wants to see less plastic being used!

At the moment, Britain’s supermarkets are producing more than 800,000 tonnes of plastic waste every year. As concern grows day by day, people are actively searching for better ways of using packaging in their business.

Biodegradable Packaging:

These days, your food packaging needs to match the food it’s trying to protect since packaging says a lot about a business/restaurant when it’s used to store and sell food. Shabby & unconsidered packaging is very clear to see when a customer purchases your food. When it comes to food packaging, some thought and research are always advised. Finding the right type of packaging is also a good plan since you don’t want to be wasting time & money buying the wrong type of box, only to find out that that type isn’t suitable for some reason (too small/too large etc.)

When it comes to biodegradable packaging, there are always things you should consider when deciding on the packaging you need. From disposal to storage, we have something for everybody regardless of their needs. We want to provide an easy packaging solution anybody and everybody can have. We can suit everybody’s needs since we are able to stock an extensive range of innovative food packaging solutions. Whether you’re trying to find the packaging to suit your needs or just need a solution for your catering business, our packaging is one of the best you can buy! Our food packaging range is suitable for all forms of delivery, storage as well as a general distribution.

We can also help you if you need branded take away box solutions since we specialise in all forms of food packaging whether it’s plain or branded. We have numerous designers & suppliers that can help you devise the perfect take away box for your take away!

Why is there a huge focus on recyclable packaging now?

Recent stories about plastic pollution on social media and on-going protests have placed plastic in the spotlight. People are starting to see the damage plastic pollution can cause and are worried about the prospect of ruining the environment we live in. Even something like the “Blue Planet” series from the BBC would have an effect. The message conveyed by Sir David Attenborough sheds light on the problem, perhaps even having the power to change peoples opinions on the matter.

This recent uproar as it were has seriously affected the way that large companies do their business, especially when it comes to their food packaging. Supermarkets like Marks & Spencers & Waitrose have already promised to reduce their plastic usage and it seems like every other chain of supermarkets is going to follow. Even global conglomerate, McDonald’s, has promised to start implementing change as they promise to induce recycling as part of their processes in every one of their restaurants by 2020. This entire situation seems like a ticking time bomb, just waiting to go off. But when it does, it’s going to reveal anyone who’s not up for change since the public is going to discriminate on anyone who may still be neglecting the acknowledgement of their plastic usage.

How is this going to affect my business?

You may think that this trending spotlight is only going to affect the bigger companies, however, it will definitely boil down to small & medium scale businesses since the current public opinion on the plastic packaging is reflective of all business & restaurants. Large businesses (unfortunately) will often set market & industry trends which is why it’s good that you are thinking about packaging now rather than later. It doesn’t mean that you are copying what the large companies are doing, it just means that you are shifting your business as society shifts with it.

All of this is why it’s smart for a business owner to be ahead of the curve and to adopt greener & environmentally friendly packaging. It’s going to reflect on the business very well and is almost an opportunity for businesses to jump on the trend. A business would be in its customer’s favour if they came out and said “we’re leading the way and going plastic free!” which are something we see a lot of businesses, restaurants and other food establishments doing. It’s not often that an industry shift can be used as a beneficial marketing tool, as it’s often restrictions & changes like the plastic bag tax that negatively affects businesses.

Staying green with your food packaging

Waste is also very important to a lot of consumers when it comes to using packaging, especially with food. For something we may use & see every day, it’s very important for those who are using your packaging to be assured that the most are being done to help neutralise your carbon footprint. Using recycled materials in your packaging lets your consumers know that you are making a conscious decision to help reduce your impact on the earth. Wyatt & Ackerman can help you with your efforts to choose recycled packaging as we offer many recycled products.

With our wide range of food packaging, businesses are able to pick from our environmentally conscious range to better convey your efforts to stay green when it comes to how you run your business. We have a wide variety of biodegradable/recyclable packaging that is suitable for all types of restaurants, takeaways & even fast food establishments. We’ve worked with hundreds of businesses from SMB’s to national restaurant chains so we can tailor our products to your needs. If you’re looking at improving your carbon footprint and the ethical practice of your business then environmentally friendly packaging is a great way to do it.

Any restaurant owner will know how much packaging they’re able to go through even on a quiet day, so it’s worrying how much waste that we can go produce in a day. It’s important that we remain focused on how we can stop pouring plastics into a landfill that will end up polluting the very environment we cherish.

Conveying your product in the best way

These days, a businesses food packaging always needs to match the food since that packaging is what represents the food inside. Food packaging says a lot about a customer, so when they’re given a shoddy box that’s falling apart than they really aren’t going to favour your food. It is true that the food should be the thing to make the customer come back, however good presentation never hurt anyone. Poor quality packaging is very easy to see especially with your customer handling it & it doesn’t connote professionalism or pride in your product.

Trying to find the right type of packaging can be difficult as it can be hard to match the business with the right style of packaging. This is why Wyatt & Ackerman helps you since you don’t want to waste time and money on buying boxes that don’t suit or compliment your business. Our designers will help you with the right type of box for your use, finding the best sizes and products that will fulfil your requirements.

When it comes to choosing food packaging for your business, there are always things you should consider before you pull the trigger on ordering 20,000 units. We help guide you to the best product that’s going to whatever you may be unsure of from disposal needs to storage. Different businesses are all going to have different needs when it comes to something as decisive as food packaging, so it’s important that you work with us to make sure your individual needs are met. We aim to provide a packaging solution for everyone who needs it. Our line of food packaging products is suitable for all forms of operation, from delivery to takeaways to storage & general distribution.

Materials for food packaging

We have a huge range of materials you can utilise for your food packaging in Leeds, from biodegradable papers and cardboards to polystyrene to plastics, we have something suited for all consumers. If you are trying to push the environmentally friendly factor then papers & cardboards are great as they will biodegrade. If you are serving hot foods or soups then you’re going to have to use polystyrene & plastics for a leak free solution. These are ideal for any foods that contain liquid.

Bespoke packaging will allow your business to differentiate your product from the competition rather than just being overlooked as it blends into the rest of the mediocre packaging.

Branding, especially on the packaging is one of the most important elements when it comes to the catering sector. Not only does professional branding aid with your aesthetic but it helps convey a sense of professionalism which is sometimes hard to achieve in a business that has so many big chains which you have to compete with. At Wyatt & Ackerman, our team of packaging specialists provide professional, affordable and quality packaging with a service that is unbeaten. The custom packaging doesn’t come cheap to most but we work with our dealers to forward you the best price. Enquire with our team today and get a quote for your packaging! Call on 0117 966 1675 for more the information about prices, types of packaging and how we can help you!

Branded Food Packaging


Can’t I just buy in bulk online?

It’s easy enough to shop for a wholesale load of blank containers using a low-cost supplier and start throwing your meals out to your clients. However, you should think about the initial perception that you’re most likely setting by doing that. In regards to customers, they base their knowledge off of the first thing they see. In most cases or not that is definitely your packaging. This is the reason it’s actually fundamental to design your product packaging to present your company well. An empty box or bag that actually leaves somewhat to be desired.

Branding on your food packaging is a very strong tool when it comes to brand awareness with a business. This is especially true if you’re an independent restaurant & trying to stand out from the rest. You have to be careful about who supplies your packaging. A poor quality supplier will effectively drag your brand through the dirt. Your choice in food packaging supplier is vital to the success of your packaging. Choosing a reputable supplier for your branded food packaging lets you rest easy with the company you have chosen.

Keeping your branding consistent

Branding is a thing that every established restaurant will do especially on their product packaging as tailored product packaging not just increases the dependability of your company, in addition, it generates business because of the awareness that is raised from your branded product packaging. Individuals will be aware of the product packaging and will definitely recall the name, wherever they saw it. What’s more, it supports your brand adhesion with your clients. Unique printed food packaging always looks far more professional than cobbled up paper inside of a creased brown paper bag. Take a leaf from great conglomerates that brand everything. From their salt sachets to their till rolls, anything that has enough space on it will have their logo plastered.

Packaging Design In The UK

When looking at the design of your packaging, you need to emulate the house style that exists within your business. If you are considering design aspects then colouring as well as logo placement is vital. This is something you can go through with our team of packaging specialists & designers.

What can Wyatt & Ackerman supply me with? What makes them better than everyone else?

Companies have been going to Wyatt & Ackerman for branded packaging on an international scale for several years, from branded plastic bags, pizza boxes to serviettes, Wyatt & Ackerman can provide whatever your business needs. We will then always work with you to ensure that your brand genuinely stands out – just give us your logo & marketing information and we will create the perfect branded packaging to market your business. When you’re also undecided about the best way to brand your company, we can also help with this! We provide you with the expertise to help you with anything and everything linked to branded packaging. Thousands of dining establishments, takeaways and fish and chip shops have enquired with Wyatt & Ackerman making us just about the most preferred and respected companies in the UK!

If you need help on how to brand your product packaging, let us know! If you need help with your packaging, we can help! We work with you to find what products fulfil your needs. We go through the different products you may be interested in. There are several strategies to present your identity as a business utilising your product packaging. Maybe you’re seeking to deliver a pleasing concept using a tailor-made package or present a comical marketing design. There are lots of ways to broaden your branding to make your clients really feel valued with your food packaging.

Contact Wyatt & Ackerman Today:

If you are looking at creating your own brand with us or maybe if you are looking for the possible many benefits that customised packaging brings to your business then do not wait to get in touch with Wyatt & Ackerman on 0117 966 1675 today. We have worked with companies all over the UK, from the depths of London, Manchester, Sheffield, Bournemouth, Taunton, Bristol, Leeds, Liverpool, Glasgow, Belfast & Newcastle! Benefit from the best Food Packaging UK for your company now.


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