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Food Packaging Glasgow – Custom Food Product Packaging Is Essential For A Resturant

When you’re branding your business, your image boils down to what your customer see’s when they use your product. Marketing & branding through printed packaging is common practice as it raises brand awareness. Whenever people are buying products/services, they get a reminder of your brand. Most restaurants & takeaways nowadays are utilising branded food packaging as it’s a great way to promote your brand. Food packaging is usually a blank medium that you’re using already, so why not make use of it further? Branding what would be blank boxes, bags & serviettes is a great way of making use of empty space!
Creating your brand’s packaging is a very important move since clients view your company as a whole.

If you have a good product but are presenting it poorly, you’re showing a lack of thought to your customers. It will never give your customers the perfect experience that they could be getting with your product packaging. Generic packaging is just that, generic. Try to be different from the rest by buying brand name food product packaging from Wyatt & Ackerman.Food Packaging Glasgow then give our staff a call on 0117 966 1675 today.

Branded Food Packaging Glasgow

It’s easy enough bulk buy 1000’s of blank containers from a low priced provider & start throwing your meals out to your customers. You should however think about the first impression that you are setting by doing that. In relation to customers, they base their knowledge from the initial thing they see, and in most cases or not that’s your packaging. This is the reason it really is critical to developing your packaging to represent your business, not just an empty container or bag that actually leaves somewhat to be desired.

Branding is an activity that any well-known companies will do. This is true especially on packaging as branded food packaging improves the professionalism and brand image of your business. It also generates brand awareness through people buying & using your product. People will be more aware of the product packaging & can recall the brand, regardless of where they saw it. Branded food packaging reinforces your brand name with your clients. A branded box is always going to look better than a blank one. Take a leaf from big conglomerates that brand the whole thing. From their salt sachets to their straws, all that has more than enough room on it’ll have a logo to boost the brand image with their customers.

I’m concerned about using plastic packaging, what can I do?

Plastic packaging has hit the limelight recently as there have been countless stories that have exposed the harm that plastic is causing our environment. After years of abusing plastic & not being able to dispose of it properly, plastic has truly polluted our planet to the point where it needs to stop now. Plastic packaging is a huge cause of this problem since we use it for everything. Whether it be a plastic bottle for water or plastic ring pulls, plastic is everywhere we look.

There’s no wonder that plastic has become such a pollutant since it takes years if not decades to break down. The problem with plastic is that it is able to break down into microplastics which are sub-particle sized pieces of plastic that still haven’t broken down properly. These pieces are able to poison wildlife and humans. From a business owners standpoint, food packaging may not be a big concern but it really is time to change. If you are at all concerned about preserving the environment for future generations then you need to start looking at alternatives.

Wyatt & Ackerman provides biodegradable packaging, using cellulose, papers and woods that are all recyclable materials. Biodegradable plastics may be a consideration if you still seek the qualities of plastic packaging. These plastics are usually made from a blend of cellulose so that they are still able to biodegrade when disposed of.

I’m a new business looking for food packaging, where do I start?

If you have just started a business & are looking for food packaging then a reliable packaging provider is what you need. Importing cheap packaging from China is also an option, however, generic packaging is exactly that, generic. Blank packaging that isn’t personalised to your business ends up creating a void in your branding. Anything your business is using that isn’t serving you better needs to be improved! If you’re using food packaging with your product, why not brand it & make use of it further? Companies that sell bulk packaging tend to use shoddy materials too, which ends up reflecting poorly on your final product.

Give your packaging some thought, since it’s what your customer first see’s when they get a hold of your product. Being able to take pride in your packaging means that you’ll be proud to hand your product over everytime you deal with a customer! It also conveys a positive brand image when the packaging has been truly thought about.

Won’t food packaging pollute the environment?


There are hundreds of alternatives to plastic packaging if you are looking for something that is less damaging. Bio-degradable alternatives like “Bio-pac” provide clear plastic like packaging that is able to decompose when thrown away. If you have any concerns about polluting the earth with your food packaging then a recyclable option is going to fulfil your needs.

From recycled paper tissues to wooden cutlery, there are a lot of different options that a company like Wyatt & Ackerman can provide a business. You just need to make sure that the packaging you choose reflects on your business well and that it’ll actually provide utility & use to your company.

Can I customise my food packaging?

Food packaging is an amazing tool for businesses since it’s a literal blank slate for a company to advertise itself. With every order, meal or product that you sell, you’re able to further advertise yourself as well as spread your brand image. Because of this, most if not all companies take pride in their food packaging. They make sure that it reflects the company in the best way possible.

There are designers that can help any business design and perfect the best food packaging, taking inspiration from existing house styles to create packaging that looks the part. Custom branding & designs are common places when we look at the appearance of food packaging since it’s a good step to distinguish yourself from other companies

Packaging Design Glasgow

When it comes to food packaging, there are always things you should consider when you are choosing what you want. From disposal to storage, everything you do with the packaging has to be considered. We have something for everybody of their needs as we ensure that we have a food packaging solution for everyone! We aim to suit everybody’s needs since we are able to stock an extensive range of innovative food packaging solutions. Our food packaging range is suitable for all forms of delivery, storage as well as the general distribution if you are running a takeaway business.

What exactly does Wyatt & Ackerman offer your company with?

Wyatt & Ackerman have supported brands with professional product packaging for years, from branded bags, fish & chip boxes to serviettes! We can supply you with whatever you need, as our suppliers are able to print on thousands of products. We work with our customers closely to ensure that your branding is done right. All you need to do is provide us with your branding guidelines & we will create bespoke branded packaging to promote your business. We offer years of experience when it comes to branded packaging. We’ve worked with hundreds of restaurants, takeaways and fish & chip shops! This makes us one of the most well known & respected packaging providers in the UK!

If you’re stuck on the best way of branding your packaging, we can help! There are many ways we can serve to help to fulfil your requirements. If you are interested in improving your packaging or just looking for general advice, contact Wyatt & Ackerman on 0117 966 1675 today. Get the branded food packaging for your company now! Find the best food packaging on – Food Packaging Glasgow



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