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These Clever Packaging Ideas Will Inspire You!

These Clever Packaging Ideas Will Inspire You!


If you think about the last thing you purchased, Why did you purchase that specific brand? Was it something you genuinely needed or was it a spare of the moment decision. If you think about it really carefully, you probably bought it above anything else because it was interesting. What you bought you may have actually really needed but the reason you chose that specific item would probably because you were attracted to the packaging. Packaging, when done correctly, is a very powerful marketing tool and when done correctly can ultimately sell your product.

Packaging should be thought out very carefully, it should sell your client a message, draw attention and also make the customer feel a certain way. It is important to make your product stand out from the crowd and because of this Wyatt & Ackerman have found some of the most creative packaging items to inspire you. If you would like more information on packaging or need advice on where to start with your ingenious packaging idea get in touch with Wyatt & Ackerman today through our website or call us on 0117 911 2716.

NYC Spaghetti


The NYC Spaghetti packaging design was created by Alex Creamer. The packaging started out as a University Project. Creamer decided to make the product itself the focus of the packaging. When the product was tightly packed together the spaghetti began to take on properties of a sculpture which when placed on different surfaces would create an impression on top. This design was originally a project but has been widely advertised in many packaging books.

YKM Shopping Bag


YKM is one of Turkey’s largest department shops wanted a packaging idea which would be suitable for their sports department and would be targetted to young consumers. The bags they release had a woman or man on the front holding the handles of the bag when the bag was placed on the floor, however, when the bag was lifted up it gave the illusion that the person on the bag was skipping. All of the bags ran out due to high demand and there were requests made to purchase the shopping bags alone for money.

Charm Villa Goldfish teabags


Charm Villa has designed The gold Tea Bag which is cut into the shape of an elegant goldfish. When the tea bag is brewed in hot water the tea bags begin to swell up forming the shape of the goldfish.  This creates a natural rhythm of from the fluctuations of the water making the tea bag goldfish look like it is swimming. Tea drinkers can not only enjoy their tea but can enjoy the fun and beauty of brewing the tea.

Whitebites Dog Chews


Student Cecilia Uhr noticed that there was a lack of variety in packaging designs for dog snacks and food. Uhr came up with a smart design which had images of three different dogs on them which represented the size of the products and packaging. The packages also have die cuts on them which allow the consumer to see the product and also show the “teeth” of the dog on the package. The left ear of the dog features a flap which you can open to slide a chew out of also. Uhr designed these as collectable items.

Blossom Cava Sparking wine


Blossom Cava Sparkling wine was very creative when it came to the play of words on ‘Blossom’. Blossom usually connotes flowers and the springtime. The bottles design has flowers printed on it what seems to be upside down, however, when the bottle is held by the neck of the bottle flipping it over on its head so that it can be handed to someone like a bunch of flowers making it act like a two in one gift.

Just Laid Egg Carton


Springetts is a UK brand design consultant who was asked to come up with a packaging design which would highlight the freshness of locally produced free range eggs. They created a brand name called, “ Just Laid.” The idea of fresh products was reinforced with a hen caricature sitting on an exposed egg which was actually the white clasp from the carton.

Share a Coke With…


A packaging idea for Coca Cola which the idea that Coke tastes better when shared with friends and family. Coca Cola selected some of the United Kingdom’s most popular names and printed them on the label of their bottles. It sparked a sharing frenzy across the nation and was one of Coca Colas most successful packages and marketing campaigns. The team at Coca Cola were sold the idea when shown the cans stacked vertically with the chosen names on show in place of the famous coca cola logo. They knew this was a very sharable idea and would make headlines.

Delysoy Pasta


The packaging for Delysoy Pasta has different people on each box with a shape cut out of each box the cutouts allow the pasta to look like the hair and facial hair of each person on the box. This non-traditional way of packaging is very appealing to a younger audience. All of the Delysoy characters have a content grin and have blunt honest directions such as, “Hungry? Open Here.”

Icelandic Glacier Water Bottle


The sophisticated packaging of Icelandic packaging is very unique. The bottles signature design has a sculpted glacier integrated into the neck of the bottle. The design is there to reinforce the water’s heritage and premium position. The design was named, “ Best overall concept and best label.” The bottles, labels, caps and cardboard packing are also 100% recyclable.

Tyto Alba Wine


Tyto Alba in an attempt to promote environmental consciousness created an innovative box for a wine bottle. The wine bottle packing is designed so after drinking the wine you may use the wooden box as a birdhouse in the garden. The packaging is there to tell the story of Barn Owls who protect vineyards. To reinforce this the mythical bird is featured and portrayed on the box’s special design.

Packed Like Sardines


This sardine packaging plays on the saying, “ Packed like Sardines.” The packaging has a comic strip design around the outside which shows sardines packed in on a small bus during rush hour. Through the windows of the bus, you can see how many sardines are trying to squeeze onto the bus.  

Take your product and abstract it in your packaging. Rather than thinking of the big picture try and break the idea down into different segments which can be you a unique perspective onto your packaging and overall marketing. The possibilities are limitless when it comes to designing and creating packaging. There should be no hesitation in your ideas and creativity. Your packaging can be entertaining, purposeful, informative and bizarre. They will need to be creative and inspiring as the more of these qualities your packaging has the more likely your product is to sell. If you would like more information on our packaging or some advice on how to package your products in an inspiring and creative way please contact Wyatt & Ackerman through our website or call us today on 0117 911 1723.



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