Ideas for Your Businesses Christmas Packaging

Ideas for Your Businesses Packaging This Christmas

Winter is quickly approaching, meaning one much-loved, globally celebrated holiday is on the horizon, Christmas! Christmas is a time for relaxing, spending time with family and friends, giving and receiving gifts, eating food, trying new experiences, and much more. In the business world, especially retail, Christmas, or the run-up to Christmas, can be the opposite of relaxing. Christmas invites a flood of customers, a feverish work pace, and the question for businesses will always be how to stand out from competitors. This year, we firmly believe that the answer to this question is designing fashionable Christmas packaging. You may think as we are in the middle of November it is too late, however, as a business owner, you must already have had some ideas for Christmas on your mind. It is now just a matter of combining our ideas with yours or even switching your current plan. It’s not too late to start packaging your products in fantastic Christmas themed packaging and rising above your competitors this Christmas season. There are several benefits of implementing a special and specific line of packaging for Christmas, this includes:

  • Festive Christmas packaging refreshes your brand image
  • Emphasizes any Christmas offers your business may have
  • Creates an opportunity for you to surprise your customers
  • Allows your business to create special variants of your products.

Christmas Colour Blends

When it comes to choosing colour blends, it’s important to primarily use the most commonly symbolised colours at Christmas time, green and red. By using these colours for your packaging, it creates a clear statement about the festive season and what your business is celebrating. Many stores around Christmas time bring out a variety of new products or offer special deals. By using the colours red or green for your packaging, potential customers may be attracted to your business for Christmas specific products or deals on products for Christmas. If you’re not looking for a major change for your packaging, simply changing the colour may be the biggest benefit to you and should still provide your company with noticeable results. Another colour blend suggestion is black and gold. Black brings simplicity and elegance to mind, while gold is associated with class and luxury. 


Scandanavian / Christmas Jumper

Common and worthy design inspiration for Christmas packaging is the classic Christmas jumper design. These jumper designs are only worn during the Christmas season, so anybody who would notice your products wrapped in this design would be bound to know its purpose is for Christmas. With Christmas jumper designs, the possibilities are virtually endless. These jumpers can be designed with pine trees, Santa’s, reindeers, snowflakes, mistletoe, or whatever Christmas theme you wish for your products. Another benefit of using a Christmas jumper design is that it can be in any colour that you choose, therefore, you may not need to worry about choosing a red or green colour and could use the colour of your brand. If your brands colour is important to you then this choice may be best for you. 

Rustic or Minimalistic Designs

Rustic designs are always natural winners. They create natural, organic warmth and use simplicity to their advantage. Natural earthy brown colour works incredibly well with mono-colour prints in white, black, grey, or gold. A complicated Christmas design is not required to make the rustic packaging look astonishing. All that is required is your logo and a ribbon, with potentially a festive pattern. Sometimes, festive patterns are better left simple and minimalistic. Minimalism is an excellent way to communicate with your customers. Another option is to keep your packaging as simple as possible. An example is using simple prints, elegant fonts, toned colours, and white and natural cardboard to create a subtle festive mood. 

Print Finish Options

Brand recognition definitely goes a long way, especially when the products that you offer deliver what they are for. Embossing is a fantastic way to leverage your brand’s visual symbols. This option is a fantastic solution for more upscale and larger brands. In definition, embossing is a print technique which creates a 3D effect on the surface of the box or material. By adding such an impressive novelty to the face of your products, you will instantly address the sense of touch. Combine an embossed surface with hot stamping, and you’re left with an impressive luminescent effect, which is sure to stand out underneath your Christmas tree and imprint an image of your brand in your customer’s memory.

Another highly effective and slightly comical way of making your print finish effectively at Christmas time is by adding a Christma-themed hashtag or adding text in a funny, uplifting font. This is a fantastic option for being memorable for your customer, especially if the text is funny or related to your business. Christmas is a time for joy and togetherness for many celebrators across the globe, so it’s important to connect with your customers as much as you can during the festive season. Having text on your packaging that catches the attention of your customers and potential customers is bound to be a success. An example of this marketing method used in an alternative way to packaging is a poster Budweiser created in 2018 to promote their lager and to not drink and drive. They used Christmas carols and Christmas figures and related them to drink driving on a poster. The three slogans they used were: ‘Tis the season to drive home safely’, ‘Wise men don’t drink and drive’, and ‘We wish you a merry Christmas and a safe drive home’.

External Add Ons


As simple as it is, a ribbon is the ultimate accessory to add to your packaging. As cliche as you think it may be, it still can transform any old gift box to a Christmas gift effortlessly. Besides being a subtle Christmas novelty, it also allows additional space for your branding. Ribbons also can come in pretty much any colour, so you can attach ribbons that match your brand colour. As many ribbons as you believe is necessary can also be attached to your products, just try not to make it complicated for your customers to try to and open your products!

Christmas Decorations

Another fantastic addition to your Christmas packaging is decorations such as bells, mistletoe, mini trees, pine cones, or anything that can be attached to the packaging. Adding decorations will instantly let your customers or potential customers know you are offering your products for Christmas. This is a fantastic way of outdoing your competitors and standing out this Chrismas. Customers walking by your store or seeing people carrying your bags around with decorations is bound to win you over a fair few new customers.

Food Packaging UK

Wyatt and Ackerman offer a range of food packaging for your business including branded food packaging, and takeaway boxes and fish and chip boxes in Bristol, additionally to branded packaging and carrier bags for other retail sectors, such as shopping. If you are looking to replenish the face of your brand this Christmas and dominate your competition, choose Wyatt and Ackerman for all Christmas and brand-related packing for your business. Our team will listen to your businesses requirement and goals for this festive season then find the ideal solution for you. Call today to enquire or for more information regarding our products. 


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