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Food Packaging Manchester – Why Custom Food Product Packaging Is Important To A Business

When you’re trying to find a reliable provider for your food packaging it’s important to find a company that has been trusted by people before. Wyatt & Ackerman is one the leading food packaging providers in the UK & Manchester, offering professionally branded food packaging for thousands of businesses across the UK! We have a big client base in Manchester, from refined dining restaurants to your local fish and chip shop!  Stand out from the rest by buying brand food packaging from Wyatt & Ackerman. If you are looking for Food Packaging Manchester, or give us a ring on 0117 966 1675!

While you’re branding your business, the look is just about everything when it comes down to the types of materials that you use. Branding by using printed materials has been a great way for businesses for decades and heightens brand awareness when people are purchasing your goods. Most restaurants and takeaways nowadays are utilising branded product packaging, as it is a great way to get your organisations identity out there as it’s a medium that you are already making use of as a food establishment. Developing your brand’s packaging is a vital move given that people view your business in its entirety. If you have an excellent product and it’s made available to your customers in substandard, and half considered packaging, it is not going to give your customers the perfect experience they could be experiencing with your product packaging. Generic packaging is precisely that, generic.

Branded Food Packaging Manchester

It’s easy enough to order a bulk load of unbranded containers using an inferior supplier and start throwing your meals out to your clients, but take into account the initial perception that you are setting by doing that. In regards to customers, they base their knowledge on the very first thing they see, and in most cases or not that is your product packaging. This is precisely why it is vital to have your packaging paired with your brand name, not just a blank box that leaves somewhat to be desired.

Branding is an activity that every established business will do especially on their product packaging as personalised packaging not just improves the professionalism and reliability of your company, also, it generates business as a result of the awareness that will be raised with your labelled product packaging. Individuals will see the product packaging and can recall the brand name, regardless of where they saw it. It also reinforces your brand name with your buyers because custom-made printed packaging always looks a lot more professional than some cobbled up paper in a creased brown paper bag. Take a leaf from massive conglomerates that label almost everything. From their salt packets to their straws, all that has enough room on it has a custom logo to boost the brand image with their customers.

Staying Green

With so much attention put onto food packaging & packaging in general, it can be a confusing time to decide on what to do with your businesses packaging. With more and more supermarkets & other businesses reducing the amount of plastic they’re using, is it something that you should reflect on your own use?

Plastic pollution is a problem, and there isn’t a doubt about it. Worldwide, we produce 20,000 a second. That’s 1,728,000,000 a day! Just think about the number of bottles that are ending up in our seas, landfills and our environment. This is why there is so much focus put into plastic packaging as it is a pandemic issue at the moment. This is reflected by the number of supermarkets, restaurants and other businesses wanting to take a more ethical approach to managing their packaging.

From reducing their usage to stopping it all together, companies like Waitrose, Aldi & Co-Op are all taking steps to reducing their plastic use generally. Waitrose has tried to take a stance on their plastic use by citing they’ll stop using black plastic in their own products by 2019. Black plastic is much harder to recycle as it can’t be melted down & re-used with other plastics. This is a small step in Waitrose’s grand scheme as they plan to use fully recyclable materials in their products by 2025.

What does this mean for smaller businesses?

You may wonder how this is going to affect you and other small businesses, and in all honesty, it’ll be both good and bad. A lot of businesses are going to have to opt for more ethical & environmentally friendly packaging which can be seen as a bother. However, in return, you’re helping the environment by not contributing to the problem. You’re also given the opportunity to be favoured by the customers of your business. A lot of companies are now jumping in the trend of being environmentally conscious and using it as a marketing tool to better improve their public image. It bodes well for those who want to appear ethically minded, which can be a huge thing for a business’s image. This is particularly true for a lot of trendy restaurants in Manchester as it’s important for their brand to be seen as ethically sound.

Food Packaging – Design & Styling

The design of general product packaging has to be somewhat related to the general house style and branding of your company. Otherwise, there is a distinct detachment from the product you are selling and the business itself. Don’t go for something that’s too crazy and out of touch with your business. You want something that’s in line with the rest of your businesses image.

Food packaging is also something that needs to be considered as it is still product packaging. It represents your product and the business you have, and is often the first thing a customer see’s when they taste your food, so why would you lower the quality of how your business is represented?

What does Wyatt & Ackerman offer your business?

Companies are looking to Wyatt & Ackerman for branded packaging on a global scale for many years, from labelled bags, fish and chip boxes to serviettes, Wyatt & Ackerman can offer you the things you need. We’ll then work closely with you to ensure that your brand name stands out – just provide us with your logo and marketing message and then we will create the perfect branded product packaging to advertise your business. For those who are also unclear about the way to brand your company, we can also help with this!

We offer services to assist you with everything and anything associated with branded packaging. Numerous restaurants, takeaways and fish and chip shops have enquired with Wyatt & Ackerman making us the single most well known and respected distributors within the UK! Packaging fish and chips with newspapers or newspaper themed packaging is in the past, why not help your satisfied customers remember your food with branded fish and chip boxes?

Should you be still stuck concerning how to brand your packaging, or what forms of packaging you might need then we can also advise you as to what products and services may match your requirements. There are many approaches to get across your identity as a restaurant using your product packaging. Whether you are looking to deliver a happy message with a tailor-made container or present a clever marketing design and style on paper bags, there are many ways to broaden your advertising, even more, to make your customers believe valued when it comes to unique food product packaging.

If you’re interested in producing your brand with us or maybe if you are looking at the possible added benefits that tailor-made product packaging brings to your business, then don’t hesitate to contact Wyatt & Ackerman on 0117 966 1675 right away. Get the very best- branded food product packaging for your company across the United Kingdom! Visit our page on Food Packaging Manchester Near Me


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