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Branding, especially on food packaging is extremely important in the catering business for any restaurant. Custom packaging not only increases the professionalism of your business, it also can also generate business due to the word of mouth that will come with your new design. If you or your business is looking for Food Packaging Birmingham then give our team a call on 0117 966 1675 for more information about prices, types of packaging and how we can help you!

Why is Package Branding so important?

Branding on food packaging is extremely important due to the fact that it can convey your business in an extremely positive way or negative way. When somebody views a packed product and the product is extremely impressive in the way it is wrapped and presented, that person will want to discover the establishment to which this product has come from and purchase food from your restaurant. If the packed product looks undesirable or unprofessional, it can not lead to extra business because potential customers may be put off by the look of a product that has clearly not had much thought put into its presentation. Potential customers will be influenced by the look of the packaging and may judge the contents of the packaging based on how it appears. Because the packaging also contains your name or logo, it can also lead others to discover your business quickly and easily. Branding and marketing are quintessential in the catering and within the fish and chips industry in particular therefore it is extremely important for food packaging to be unique and extremely professional.

Branded Food Packaging Birmingham

As consumers, we are all influenced by the packaging our food comes in. Whether it’s fast food from a major chain or a small meal from a takeaway, our packaging plays a huge part in the experience we have with food whether we know it or not! A lot of restaurants & food establishments choose to use trendy packaging since it resonates and sticks in peoples minds, playing off of brand recognition so that they have a better chance of coming back. Flashy packaging can’t sell your food for you, but as an experience, it definitely doesn’t hurt to have suitable packaging for your food that makes your business stand out from the rest!

There are several factors that are considered when a business chooses their packaging. These venture into elements like actual branding to design, to as far as choosing the actual provider of the packaging.


Branding is a huge facet when it comes to packaging as it’s one of the main purposes of the packaging. Whilst it provides a handy box or bag for the customer to transport the food, it also acts as a blank canvas for the business to advertise on. Making use of this “real estate” that is your packaging is paramount for any company/business that is serious about taking their brand recognition to the next level. Your packaging should follow a theme, usually taking colours and designs from your overall brand house style. Using this aesthetic ties in nicely with your brand as well as your business, conveying a much more professional appearance. It’s this brand identity that can be a very powerful tool especially for small & big businesses alike who are trying to improve their brand recognition with their customers.

Relevancy Of Your Packaging

The time you are given to attract the attention of your customers is usually limited, as you are only given a short duration of time to attract them. Having straightforward packaging is advised so it’s a good idea to think of something that isn’t too elaborate. As nice as it would be to have your full brand story on the packaging, it doesn’t translate to easily comprehensible advertising. Utilise the space you have and make sure your brand message is clear when designing your branding. If you are stuck with the design phase then providers like Wyatt & Ackerman can help you, pulling their years of experience in the sector so you are able to pool ideas and find something that is right for you and your business. Using the right colours is also very important since you want something that is very easily identifiable & distinguishable from other brands & competitors.

Functionality Of The Packaging

Whilst you are pushing the focus on the message you are trying to display as well as the style of the packaging, you should also think about the functionality of the packaging since that is the real purpose of the food packaging. The packaging should protect the food as well as keeping it fresh for as long as required for that type of food. If the food you are selling has to be kept hot then it is probably better to have food packaging that is somewhat insulating to keep it hot during transit. Keep in mind that you want to use packaging that can be kept well in transport as you may be delivering food by car/bike. The packaging should also be stackable so that you are able to store the packaging before use so that it is easily available when required. A packaging provider like Wyatt & Ackerman uses professional die-cutting & other advanced packaging processes to make sure your packaging is of the best quality & best construction.

Transparent Food Packaging

Consumers love to see what food is inside the package since it gives them an idea of what they are actually eating. Many restaurants offer clear plastic packaging for their lighter meals like salads & smaller meals which let the food speak for itself. This is taking a different approach to branded packaging but may be something you want to consider. You can incorporate some branding with clear packaging as you could have a generic picture of the meal on top of the packaging to further advertise the food inside!

What does Wyatt & Ackerman provide?

Grease paper and bags are provided within our custom packaging to create a positive look and feel to your outlets. We supply a great range of trays, boxes, bags and cutlery for fish and chip shops. If you are also unsure of how to brand your business, we can also help with this! Having worked in the industry for years we understand how things have changed more than anyone. We can offer excellent advice on branding strategies which can easily lead to a cascade of new business in the long term.

How will the presentation of Fish & Chip food packaging change in the future?

Investing in a campaign of new branding and packing is only going to benefit your business in the future. As food outlets become increasingly more competitive, the main aspect that will separate out businesses will be their presentation, brand, packaging and marketing. As the market becomes ever more saturated it is more important than ever before to invest into your brand packaging. Change in branding and food packaging is unlikely to have a great effect on increasing business in the short term however it will undeniably increase long-term business and custom. As more people are exposed to your business, they may or may not return. Having professional impressive takeaway packaging will increase the number of customers who wish to visit your establishment and also influence some customers (who may be put off by regular packaging) to purchase your product. If you are interested in creating your own brand with us or if you are interested in the potential benefits that custom packaging will bring to your business then do not hesitate to contact Wyatt & Ackerman Birmingham for more information about purchasing Food Packaging Birmingham Give our team a call on 0117 966 1675 for more information today!


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