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Benefits Of Recycled Packaging

Benefits Of Recycled Packaging | Wyatt & Ackerman

Packaging is, unfortunately, an avoidable element of our everyday lives. As a society, we all consume products that require packaging. Packaging is used either to protect the product or advertise it. As a consequence of this, there has been a huge increase in the use of unrecyclable materials. This ends up filling landfills full of materials like plastic which take decades to biodegrade. There’s been a rise in initiatives to help to reduce this waste. Recycled packaging has never been so popular since it makes use of materials that would otherwise end up in a landfill. 


Packaging almost always ends up as waste due to the nature of the products we consume. We always want the product contained within the packaging, and once we have it the packaging is thought of as waste material. The truth is packaging can be reused hundreds of times over as long as they’re processed and recycled correctly. 

Designing your packaging smartly:

Good packaging design will always allow for the increased ability to recycle the packaging itself. Whether it’s using sustainable materials that have little effect on our environments or using recycled materials to re-use otherwise wasted material, good packaging design should always consider the best route to take. It’s with this mindset that a lot of businesses and companies have moved to recycled cardboard and plastic packaging since it’s able to produce packaging that’s just as good. 

Paper packaging has always been a good packaging material. The first paper bags as we know it was produced in Bristol, UK in 1844. That’s almost two centuries ago! Little did they know it back then, but they would be outlining the future of packaging. 

Benefits of recycled packaging: 

The use of recycled packaging in your business has a range of benefits. Apart from the obvious benefits, most business owners are unaware of some consequential benefits that your businesses can make use of. We’ve listed a few points that might sway you to start using recycled packaging! 

  • Better customer perception:

Environmentally inclined customers often look for businesses that support more sustainable ways of operating. Recycled packaging is a great way of presenting yourself to your customers. It shows that as a business, you care about your impact on the environment. It also shows that it’s something you’ve actively tried to change. 

  • Opportunity for good marketing:

Using ethical/sustainable packaging allows you to tap into a range of markets that you otherwise would be missing. Society as a whole is becoming more environmentally aware so the use of sustainable packaging would be welcomed to most. 

  • Minimalistic packaging:

Unless you’re trying to market a product a certain way, most packaging requirements are fairly generic. You may have particular sizes you need but these are usually the only requirements. Recycled packaging is often a great way of simplifying your packaging as unnecessary packaging is avoided. This can also appeal to your customers since they’ll be able to dispose of their packaging much easier. 

  • Potential savings:

This point is case-specific but recycled packaging often leads to savings with packaging cost. Using less packaging means less cost purposed to materials that you would otherwise be using. This means you’re using less material to achieve the same packaging needs. This will depend on the amount of packaging your business uses, but in most cases, we see a reduction in cost after a duration of time. 

  • Being more environmentally conscious:

This may not be a huge business objective for you but it is something you should consider. With the way things are going at the moment, being more environmentally minded something we all should embrace. 

When you start using recycled packaging, you’re not only are you reducing your carbon footprint, but you’re also helping to fund the processes that recycled packaging needs to be sustainable. 

We’re conscious of the impact non-sustainable packaging has on the world we live in. This is why we actively offer a range of biodegradable packaging to ensure people have a choice. Visit our page on Biodegradeable Packaging UK for more information 


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